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My April 2003 Writings

Love and Laughter in a Crazy, sometimes Frightening World

04 April 2003

Well, as we all know, there is a war going on. It seems so far away...almost as though it truly is on another world. I've tried not to watch too much media coverage of the fighting going on in Iraq. I can't bear to watch it because it's just so horrible to hear about all the lives being lost and the various atrocities that one man has committed against his people and their children. In general, my day-to-day life has not been greatly affected by war up until recently. I've known what was going on (it's hard not to know with today's technology), but I didn't feel any real fear until last night. I found out that a young man I knew (who was friends with my younger brother in high school and college) is fighting in Iraq. Finding that out made the war more real and frightening than ever. I've been praying for our troops overseas, but now I pray knowing the fear and I struggle now to place my trust in God so that no matter the outcome all will be consoled and loved by Him.

I've never been a supporter of war, but the war is now reality. I can't understand why anyone would protest it now, yet so many across this country seem to be doing precisely that. Don't they know that the war is on? Don't they know that there are lives already being lost for the cause? How can anyone protest when there are so many who are out there on the front lines risking their lives ...for us, our freedom, our country and for the people of Iraq, their freedom, their country?? Yet, it is our freedom that gives those who wish to protest the right to do so and so, I certainly will not take that freedom away. However, I believe that now is the time to support the troops and pray for their safe return, not send messages of anger or protest for what they are doing. Now is the time to be grateful that they are risking their lives for our well-being. There is no denying that Iraq and it's government has no regard for human life. There can be no denying that, if left alone any longer, their leader would have caused great harm. They are now using weapons they claimed not to have. Evidence of chemical weapons has also been found. So, how can anyone now deny that Iraq had intention to do harm? Why else would the Iraqi government mislead and deceive U.N. inspectors? If the Iraqi government wasn't up to no good, then why were they secretly stockpiling so many weapons?

So, what is the point of my entry tonight? Only this...we are all human beings and we all hurt and we all love and we all bleed and we all die...there is no country whose people are less or more important than those of another. So, pray my friends...pray for all those fighting this war...both our loved ones and our so-called 'enemies'. Pray that the fighting won't endure any longer than is necessary. Pray that we (the human race) will someday learn to live in peace.

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