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My December 1998 Writings

My December 1998 Writings

10 December 1998

Here I sit wondering why...
Why does purple fill the sky?
Why can't people fly?
Why do I wonder why?
Why are you so far away?
Why can't I go out to play?
Why is no one here today?
Why? I can not say.
Why are you smiling there?
Why do you hither stare?
Why can't I go anywhere?
Why do I inquire so?
Why? I do not know.


15 December 1998

Here I write a note for my love
whose smile lingers in my mind
as memories of days gone by unwind.
I wish upon the stars above
that he'll hold me once again
and our love will be as it was then
filled with warmth and fun
with my love; my best friend.

    -- MMJ --

22 December 1998

Can you be silly today?
Can I fly by for a visit?
Can you come over my way?
Can you stay for just a bit?
Can you do as I say?
Can I go over and play?
Can you mold a heart in clay?
Can you see the sun this day?
Can I ring you up and say:
Can I be silly today?

    -- "SiLlY qUeEn" (aka MMJ)--

22 December 1998

Oh mighty night with your brilliant light
Cover me now in the darkness
Bring me dreams of his sweet caress
Cover him now with your warmth
Hold him in your long reaching arms
Remind us both that though we're far apart
We share the sky as we share our hearts

    -- MMJ --


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