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Just a simple Example This is what the text looks like. You can format text using various tags:

You can make it big and center it

Make it

Big and Bold

Make it

Smaller with Bold

Make it bold.
Make it italic.
Or just underline it!
Just plain text.

Format your text into paragraphs. This will add an empty line above.

Link to your other pages:
Marjorie's Corner-- This links to my homepage.

More Links This links to one of my other pages.

Link to other people's homepages:
Blue Mountain Arts--This is a great site for electronic postcards! :)

InfoSeek -- This is a search engine that you can use to do a search on 'html tutorials' or if you need to know the code for your favorite color search for 'RGB codes'

Tripod has quite a bit of html help available. Just go to Tripod's Homepage Builder page after you login. Then choose the link called "Homepage Building Help". Then you can choose "Basic HTML" or any other link that may be helpful.

The <'br'>
symbol (without the single quotes)puts in a return(or end of line).
Also, you can always see how things are done on a page by clicking on 'View' in the menu and choosing 'Source'(Using Netscape I think you might have to look at 'File' in the menu and choose 'View Source'. This will show you how the page you are currently seeing was written in html. However, if someone is doing something with tables or scripts this could be confusing.

View the source for this page so you can see how everything was done.

Ok, Samantha those are the basics...If you need more help you can do a search using infoseek or you can email me again. Hope this helps!