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My January 1999 Writings

My January 1999 Writings

?? January 1999

A poem written by request to an online friend...
Topsy-Turvy Tribute

transgressing tadpoles
tropically tangy
transcending tantalizing thoughts
terrifically titillating
taking tempting trysts
traversing tricky threesomes
tenderly telling technique
twisting twirling tease
the terranium treasure
tactfully troublesome Toad
    --"SiLlY qUeEn" (aka MMJ) --

?? January 1999

Another poem written by request to an online friend...
Bubbly Babbling Blurb

bewitching beefy beast
behaving badly
baring bikini briefs
becoming brilliantly berserk
bouncing between boudoirs
beyond bizarre
brazenly beginning bedlam
balancing bumbling bits
blatantly bowing before beer
bedazzling, bedeviling Brad
    -- "SiLlY qUeEn" (aka MMJ) --


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