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My June 2002 Writings

My June 2002 Writings

17 June 2002

Back to the '80's!!!

I'm not one for looking back fondly at my childhood, but there was one good thing about the 1980's...the 80's hair bands. You know the ones I'm talking about with all those guys with big, long, 80's style hair. :) As a teenager, I was sooooo smitten by those cuties! :) Dunno if I should even admit this, but I had a poster of Jon Bon Jovi on my bedroom wall...this was with that beautiful long hair he used to have. :) And...lately, it seems like quite a few of those 80's bands are touring now and so I have pulled out my old music and I'm hooked again.

I even went to the Poison Hollyweird Concert last week. The concert was awesome...four bands for only $ can u beat that? :) The bands that performed were Faster Pussycat, Winger, Cinderella, and Poison (they came on in that order). I must admit I had never heard of Faster Pussycat before and for better or worse, still not too interested in them after hearing their music. However, as a teenager I was "in love" with Kip Winger (lead singer of Winger)!!! So, there I was at the concert singing every song that Winger was awesome! Kip Winger still looks great. :) Some new guy was with the band...unfortunately I didn't catch his name, but he was pretty hot too. :) *Laf* I'm too old to be going gaga over some rockstar, aren't I?

Anyway, it was an awesome concert. :) Cinderella probably gave the best show since one of the guitarists was doing all sorts of tricks with his guitar. The show was great...the music was great...even tho' I didn't really know much by Cinderella. :) Now...that leaves Poison...awesome music! I was worried they were only going to play stuff from their new 'Hollyweird' album, but I was very pleased to discover that they chose to play only 1 song from the new album with all the old stuff. :)

So, not much has changed with those 'old' 80s bands...except their look perhaps...a bit older and less 80s looking...little or no makeup and no big hair. :) The music, however, is still excellent. :) It was interesting to see that many of the fans were still in the 80's...there was some big hair and some definite 80's fashion in the crowd that I would have thought no one would want to be caught dead in nowadays. :) There seemed to be all sorts of people at the concert...most in their late 20's/early 30's as would be expected. There were some that looked as though they were barely 18 though and then again there were some that looked to be in their 50s or 60s. It was fascinating for someone who enjoys watching me. :) I only wish I could have chatted with Kip Winger...that would have made my year! :)

Ok, since I'm babbling about musicians...Rush is coming to town soon. I like Rush, but would not call myself a fan so I still haven't decided if I am going or not. I do love their latest album, "Vapor Trails", though. :) Dream Theater is also coming to town this them, but not a fan...prolly won't go to see Dream Theater. Hmmm...the Eagles have come and gone...would have loved to go to that concert, but the tickets were a bit pricey for me and I just couldn't justify paying so much for a concert. :) Hmmm...who else? Well, of course there is David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar...they are here tomorrow night...not going to see them and not really a fan of either anyhow. :) There are many bands coming 'round this summer...should be a good summer for music, really.

Ok, I'm not really writing much that is interesting...not sure if I ever do, but I guess someone reads these pages of mine. :) And if not...well, at least I enjoy writing them. *LOL*

I will stop now. :) Take care...have a good week...ok, at least make an effort! :)


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