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Some interesting links...


Just for Fun

The AGM Home Page -- Check it out for a refreshing amount of silliness, warmth, and fun.

The Dilbert absolute must!

TPCN Quotation Center-- Over 13,000 quotations to inspire and empower you!

Television Shows

Friends Home Page! -- Check out this terrific site.
Seinfeld! -- Check out the cast here.
Open The X-Files if you dare.


Les Miserables

Phantom of the Opera

Educational Sites

Learn French here!
Learn Italian here!
The Ability Utility -- Learn just about anything here!


Below is a listing of the talkers you may find me at in order of frequency: (I use the alias 'marjie'.)

Afterdeath -- 5678

Castle Of Lost Dreams(COLD) -- 5678


This page last updated: 18 September 1998
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