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My November 1999 Writings

My November 1999 Writings

12 November 1999

This month was a quiet one, but here are a few verses I wrote...

Nothing is as it seems
Do you not see as you come and go
the world is spinning as you dream
exploding upon the ethereal lights
Are you watching the show?
Or are you lost in passion's delights?

    -- MMJ ---

    The Astral Plane

You have reached a place unknown
Not all may know this realm unseen
Yet in this plane all is shown
To the wanderer's mind - a glean
of knowledge into a fellow soul
Lost yet in the perfect place
Come together to make one whole
You and I shall not be commonplace
    -- MMJ --

Welcome to this realm
Have you come alone?
Or is your demon at the helm?
Shall we lose ourselves once more
in this hall of purple fears
You and I will enjoy screams galore
as we watch the nightmare's shears
-snap- Cut away at our very core.
    -- MMJ --


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