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A bit about me...

I love smileys!. .I love smileys!. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. .I love smileys!. . I love smileys!

It's me!! Smile! :)

Hello! I am Marjorie Jimenez.

How about some background information...

I'm a native New Mexican and I love it here! I graduated from Manzano high school in 1991 and had already decided by that time that I would major in engineering. After a few semesters of exploring some careers in engineering, I made the best choice (obviously!)...electrical engineering.

I am currently a student intern at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL). I've worked at SNL during several summers beginning in 1990. I'm also a co-op student and I have worked in Hampton, Virginia at NASA's Langley Research Center .

That's enough about school/engineering.... Some of my other interests include reading good novels. I am now reading So Long and Thanks for all the Fish! by Douglas Adams. I am also reading Cry to Heaven by Anne Rice. As of 29 July 1997, I am still reading Cry to Heaven. It is the first book I've read, by Anne Rice that has simply failed to keep my interest so I doubt that I will ever finish it. However, I have recently read Memnoch the Devil, the last book in the Vampire Chronicles, and it was excellent. :) I also love to read and collect poetry especially poems written by Emily Dickinson.

Some of my other interests involve a rather extensive use of email and the internet. A couple of years ago, I stumbled (purely by chance) across newsgroups. While learning how to use newsgroups for information, I was also fortunate enough to find a group which is definitely the friendliest group of people on the internet ... alt.good.morning (AGM). Since then I have met many terrific friends through this group and I've even been fortunate enough to meet with many of these people in person. The most recent of these irl(in real life) meetings that I attended was UKAGM96 which was, of course, in the United Kingdom. :) Around 70 people attended this week long party. Several countries were represented and tons of fun was had by all.
So, if you're sick of being "flamed" in newsgroups, this is the place to go. Ch eck out the AGM HomePage for a refresh ing amount of silliness, warmth, and fun!

Hmmm...what else should you know????

That's all I can think of right now. If you have some urgent question that you feel I absolutely must answer, just drop me a note

This page will probably be ever-changing and th us, always under construction.

Last modified: 29 July 1997