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Electronic Greetings

Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
The E-Kissing Booth
Be Mine Greetings

Quotations, Poems, Stories

Cafe Nowhere-- A small cafe on the edge of nowhere. Listen to poems here or recite your own.
Emily Dickinson International Society-- Collection of poetry as well as extensive information about Emily's life.
Poems by Emily Dickinson-- This is my page with some of my favorite poems.
Poetry for Kids-- Fun poems for children of all ages written by Kenn Nesbitt.
Project Bartleby-- Many poetry collections organized by poet.
Representative Poetry On-line-- A vast collection of poems with 262 well known poets to choose from.
Tales from the Vault-- Interactive poems and short stories.
The Poetry Society-- Poetry news, reviews, and competitions.
TPCN Quotation Center-- Inspirational and empowering quotations.
World Poetry-- A large interactive poem that anyone can add a line to.

Some of my Favorite Authors

Douglas Adams
Isaac Asimov
Anne McCaffrey
Edgar Allen Poe
Terry Pratchett
The Official Anne Rice Website
The Historical Novels of Judith Merkle Riley

Job Search Engines and Resume Databases

Career Builder
The Monster Board

Talkers I Frequent

The Theater of Dreams is my favorite place to go and chat, why not join me at 6996?

Some of my Favorite Musicians

Visit Enchant at The Oasis...

Visit Spock's Beard


BoingDragon's Lair-- An excellent site with a wide variety of useful web stuff(counters, tutorials, programs, stories, etc.)

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This page was last updated: 15 March 2003