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Marjorie's Poetry Connection


These are just a few of the many good poetry sites on-line. I hope you find the site that's best for you.

      Cafe Nowhere -- It's just a small cafe on the edge of nowhere. You can listen to poems here or recite your own.
      KD Poetry -- This page contains some original work by Kristin Dyer.
      Poetic Express -- This is an excellent poetry collection by various people from around the world. There are hundreds of poems here.
      Poetic Peaches & Dreams -- This is a nicely done site with lots of poetry including satirical poetry and children's poetry.
      Poetry Cafe -- This is a large site with quite a range of poetry by poets around the world.
      Poetry Daily -- An online web anthology and bookstore featuring a new poem daily along with poetry news, archives, and more.
      Poetry for Kids -- Some great fun poems for children of all ages written by Kenn Nesbitt.
      Project Bartleby -- This page contains several poetry collections and is neatly organized by poet.
      Starlite Cafe -- A great CyberCafe to relax and read some poems or short stories or chat with other visiters or even participate in their interactive poetry section.
      Tony Hamilton's Poetry Corner -- A collection of original poetry. Tony's poems are arranged by date and are mostly about love and relationships. Tony also includes some of his favorite music lyrics with his poems.
      World Poetry -- A large interactive poem that anyone can add a line to.

This page last updated: 29 April 1998

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