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My September 1998 Writings

My September 1998 Writings

11 September 1998

An Abundant Absurdness Anent Alliteration

pondering poetry
pilfering prose
pedantically probing
purple perceptions
possessing perennial perfection
painting passionate pleasures
pending perpetual proliferation
perhaps (potentially) perverse


?? September 1998

A silly verse written to me by an online friend...

silly child
running wild
playing games
twisting names
grows up a bit
amazing wit
having fun
silly one
grows some more
not a bore
smiley smiles
funny files
very nice
great with mice
super keen
SiLlY qUeEn!!

    -- "Vampress" --

?? September 1998

My response to the above verse...

Vampified Virtual Verses

vamp verily
via venus' voodoo
voluptuous vixen
virtually vicious
vivaciously venturous
venomously violet
vibrantly vampy
via vampiric vertigo
vacillating vigorously
variably villainous
versified Vampress!!

    -- "SiLlY qUeEn" (aka MMJ)--

?? September 1998

Bonjour mon cheri
Aujourd'hui je voudrais dire:
"Je t'aime beaucoup.
  Je n'ai pas des paroles a exprimer
comment je t'aime.
  Avant de rencontrer je n'ai jamais
la passion vraie."

    -- MMJ --


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