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My July 1999 Writings

My September 1999 Writings

21 September 1999

Life here has been full of activity this month. I've been going out dancing and such far more than usual. I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. You see...usually I prefer a quiet weekend at home...I am a bit of a homebody, but I do realize that too much time home alone is not good either. Yet, going out every Friday and Saturday night is simply too much for me...maybe I am getting old, but I just can't handle such a busy weekend. I just tend to enjoy a simple, quiet if only I could find someone to enjoy the quiet time with.

I spent this past weekend at home...all weekend...just me, relaxing. It was nice and peaceful and restful, but it also seems to have invoked some feelings of loneliness...well, no...not so much loneliness as the desire to have someone to share things with. Life always seems so much more wonderful when there is someone to share it with...even just sharing the little things is nice.

I was doing my laundry this evening which meant taking a short walk from my apartment to the laundry room here at my apartment complex. During this walk, I saw the most beautiful moonlit sky sprinkled with soft, white clouds. It was lovely. That's the sort of time I wish I had someone to share things with...someone to share the beauty of a moonlit sky or perhaps a red-orange sunset...sharing nature's beauty makes it all the more beautiful.

I realize I'm babbling, but then again if you've read this far you must not mind too terribly much. :) Time for me to get some sleep. I'll be dreaming of the warmth of another's arms. Sweet dreams and good night. :)


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