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Choice Courtesy Patrol Dispatch Number: 839-5240 (8pm - 6am)

Reminder: Contact Lee at HOAMCO(888-4479, ext. 17) to reserve the park for family parties/gatherings!

Welcome to the Stonebridge Home Owners' Association (SHOA) website. I am very proud and honored to be your new Homeowners'Association President for the 2004-2005 fiscal year. We have a number of exciting things going on in Stonebridge. In the past year since we, as homeowners, have taken control of the Association board we have completed the following:

    * Hired a security guard in the community pool to maintain the family atmosphere by enforcing the pool rules and regulations.
    * Hired a security company to monitor our neighborhood and park area during the late evenings and early mornings to maintain the safety of our subdivision.
    * Installed speed humps on upper Stonebridge Road in front of the pool entrance and we have a request into the City Traffic Engineer to install more speed humps on problem streets in our neighborhood.
    * Established a newsletter committee who is responsible for the initial publication, being distributed in mid-October, to keep our homeowners informed of developments in our community.
    * Begun development of this SHOA website.
    * Established a pool committee to work with the board on ideas to improve our public areas to make them more accessible to more of our members during the hot Albuquerque summers.

We also have other initiatives that we are working on too numerous to mention to help improve the safety and standing of our neighborhood. I would like to personally thank everyone who attended or sent in proxies for the Annual Meeting. We accomplished a number of important tasks at this meeting and your interest and involvement made this happen. Secondly, I would encourage anyone interested in the continuing development of our community to volunteer for a committee. The process of running an association board is very time intensive and the more interested people that we have involved leads to a better end product. Finally, I want to thank everyone again for your interest and involvement in our meetings and especially the apartment project. It is refreshing to see our community stand as a unified front to help sculpt proposals happening around us. I encourage all to keep your involvement high on issues like this to help us maintain the integrity of what I believe is the prominent subdivision on the Northwest side.

SHOA President

Anyone wishing to contact any of the members of the Board of Directors may do so by contacting Lee at HOAMCO via email: or phone: 888-4479, ext. 17.