My March 2000 Writings

My March 2000 Writings

28 March 2000

Just some thoughts...

It has been very quiet in my world as of late. I've been spending a great deal of time alone...reading, typing, chatting online...very quiet indeed. :) This week did start out on a fun note though. :) I checked my email early Monday morning and was quite pleased to find a note from the author of one of my favorite books...a book I hadn't read in years. He brought back some great memories of a very touching story of humanity and unconditional love.

It's amazing that I ever found that book (btw it is: "Skallagrigg" by William Horwood). As many who are familiar with my life know, I was once very active in a wonderful newsgroup and that is what brought Mr. Horwood's novel to me. I don't believe it was ever published in the USA (I've looked for it and have had no luck in finding a copy.), but through a friend in England I was able to read Skallagrigg as one of the newsgroup members thought up the idea of mailing a book around the world to share. :) Many people were able to read that book (and others) and include notes to those who were next on the reading list and to the owner of the book. That was an excellent idea in my mind. It was truly awesome to see everyone's notes about the book.

Anyway, I digress. :) I did receive a brief note from Mr. Horwood on Monday and it made my day so much brighter to know that he took the time to write me a note thanking me for my words about his book (on an old website of mine). He even invited me to tea if ever I found myself in Oxford. :)

Amazing how a kind note can brighten someone's day. :) I don't think any of us realize how important that little extra touch is in life...whether it be that short, kind note or a kind word or two or simply a smile in passing can truly brighten this often dark and cold world.

Take the time to add the little bit of kindness to someone's world this week and you'll soon see how much that kindness gives you in return. Take care, my friends.


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