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Friends old and new....

These are a few photos taken of my friend Dominic. Dominic and I have chatted online off and on for quite a few years now and for the 2001 new year I finally met Dominic in London, England.

This is Dominic with LadyGodiva (Jess). Jess is another friend I've chatted to online for a few years and so I was quite happy to finally meet her in person.

This is Jess and Jenny. Jenny and Jess have been friends since childhood and so I got to meet Jenny in London as well. :)

This is the guard at the Tower of London. He was guarding the Crown Jewels. London, England January 2001.

And finally here are a couple of pics of the Tower Bridge in London, England, January 2001.

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This page was last updated: 06 January 2001